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Your family's health, organized.

Embrace is your health and symptom tracking app. It's made for everyone and free to download.

Your family's health is the most important thing in the world.  With Embrace, your membership covers your whole family and includes the ability to track up to 10 people and pets.

Family Love by a Mother and Her Two Daug

Family Health Tracker

Our flagship feature, essential for every family and for anyone who wants to get organized with their health tracking. Use it to track up to 10 people and pets in your family.

Quickly and easily use the Embrace app to capture symptoms, injuries, illnesses, vaccines, allergies, lab results, appointment notes, questions for the healthcare professional and more.  Even add pictures.

  • Include a description, notes, & results

  • Set reminders to follow-up

  • Record next appointments

  • Add up to three images

  • Search, filter, & edit records

  • Create reports to email


Track any symptoms

Most common symptoms are pre-loaded, but you can add any custom symptom you like with full integration.

  • Track any symptom quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

  • Add comments only when you want to.

  • If your symptoms isn't already there, you can add it easily and get full integration with our charting tools.

  • View graphs, charts, and trends

  • Compare any symptoms against others to see when they co-occur; see any patterns.

  • Generate reports that you can send to your healthcare professional

Track your cycle easily.

Our menstrual tracker lets you keep track of your period and fertility, predict future periods, and keep tabs on any related symptoms.

  • Quickly and easily track your period.

  • Track details related to family planning.

  • Set customized reminders that work for you.

  • Get important "at a glance" information.

  • Get insights about your symptoms and period.

  • Powerful calendar includes period, fertility, ovulation, intimacy, and predicted periods.

  • See your personalized notes.

  • 100% private.  Everything stays on your device.


Track your pain

If you're a pain sufferer use our rotatable model to quickly and easily "paint" where your pain is.  You can also track any associated symptoms.

  • "Paint" mild, moderate, or severe areas of pain.

  • Chart and comment on customized symptoms and get insights.

  • Get weekly, monthly, semi-monthly views on your average "heat maps."

  • Get real-time data & trends in your charts.

  • See all your comments.

  • Make well-informed decisions along with your healthcare provider.

And so much more... 

We've spent years developing this app so that it's absolutely perfect for you and your family.  Please click below to see all our features in detail.

  • Customized profiles

  • Insights and trends

  • Integrated calendar

  • Reminders & appointments

  • Vitals & measurements

  • Reports & filters

  • Send reports via email

Mother and Daughter Love

You will love us.

No matter what you track, Embrace gives you the most out of your data with customized insights, simple charts, thoughtful layouts, and beautiful design.  Everything was made with you in mind.

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Record blood pressure, heart rate, O2 sat, weight, and many more vitals & stats.


Keep track of your period and any symptoms.  Get insights, see your trends, and even get notifications.

Family health

Everything about your family's health in one place.  Create new records with a tap and pull them up when you need them.

A "must have" feature for every family.


Pain tracking at the next level.  See detailed 3D views over time and correlate with other symptoms.


Your symptom not there?  Just add it. Custom symptoms integrate seamlessly with insights and charting.

woman 13


Michelle uses Embrace daily to track her chronic pain symptoms.  The 3D pain map helps her and her physician make decisions about her treatment using data and confidence.

Young Couple

Lauren & Brent

Lauren & Brent are parents and love that they can easily track injuries, illnesses, appointments, and everything else about their family's health.  Embrace helps them feel organized and empowered.

Smiling Woman


Sarah tracks stress levels against her frequent headaches.  She also tracks symptoms for her aging father, who is starting to experience memory issues. She loves how easy the app is to use.



From our family to yours


Your information is secure.

With Embrace the health details you enter never leave your smartphone.  Everything is stored on your device, so no one can access your personal information except you. 

We do not store, share, or sell your health information.  In fact, we don't even have it.  Rest easy knowing you're protected.

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Membership is free for everyone.

When we built this app we wanted to make sure that everyone could access our basic health tracker, which is the most important feature of our app. As a result, we've provided it for free in order to promote good health in our communities.



-Beautiful app for your device.

-A profile for you.

-Access to our Family Health Tracker.

-Store and see your last 25 records.

-No ads. You read that right.  

-Free :)

*Upgrade any time



Your family's health, organized.


-The Embrace Health Tracking app.

-Up to 10 profiles (eg. kids and pets).

-Add pictures to records.

-Get insights and charts.

-Integrated calendar.

-Reminders and appointments.

-Email reports.

-Track symptoms (including custom).

-Specialized trackers (symptoms, vitals, period, pain, behaviour, epilepsy, and growing!)

-No limit to the number of records.

-Very inexpensive.  One small monthly fee lets you track your whole family.