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One tap on any device and you're on top of the most important thing in the world- your family's health.

Fast, convenient & secure.

Embrace Health Tracking.

It's a "must have."

Embrace is a symptom and health tracker that's made for absolutely everyone.  Whether you just track your regular medical & dental appointments or you're managing chronic illness, we've got the tools to keep you & your family organized. 

Compatible with all devices: your health at your fingertips!

Features include tracking for:

Symptoms | Illnesses | Injuries | Med changes | Lab tests | Optometry | Dental | Allergies | Vaccines | Surgeries | Appointment notes & anything else. 


The simple layout gives you the freedom to use it how you'd like.

Plus- available features like adding pictures & more!


What to Track?

Your family's health

This is our signature Family Health Tracker. It's built for everyone and it's free forever.  Easily track symptoms, illnesses, injuries, med changes, lab tests, optometry, dental, allergies, vaccines, surgeries, appointment notes & anything else.

Create your free account to get started.

Essential for Families

Embrace keeps track of everything!

See how we can help you stay on top of the most important thing in the world... 

your family's health!

Our FREE access is excellent and for many families that's all you'll ever need. 

At less than $100 for the year, our Premium service is well worth considering!


Let's Get Started!

Our main "Family Health Tracker" is essential for everyone. That's why it's FREE and loaded with features.

Nothing is more important than your family's health.

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