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About us

Our "why"


Embrace is a family company with humble beginnings.  Like all great ideas, our app was catalyzed as a result of an unmet need.  At a young age one of our daughters required fairly regular medical treatment and we found the task of keeping track of appointments, procedures, notes, etc. to be cumbersome.  Often we would keep notes in the "notes" app on our phones, but requisitions would get lost, dates misplaced, and it was always a challenge to recall "when" certain things happened.  A search for a great app yielded nothing that would ensure that we could accomplish everything we needed, and so the idea was hatched: build it.  

The journey so far

Embrace was originally built as a basic website that used forms and tables, somewhat creatively arranged, and only ever intended for personal use.  After some good feedback from friends and family, we took the basic idea and sought to figure out whether more people might genuinely be interested in a more commercialized version of what we had created for ourselves.

The next iteration of Embrace was a fully functioning "minimum viable product" that we used to prove the concept.  The journey to create this was incredible, as we partnered with Wetech Alliance in Windsor, Ontario Canada, whose role it is to ignite founders and startups in the tech space in Southwest Ontario.  Through their support, connections, and mentorship, Embrace was able to win the 2020 "ScaleUp" program, which culminates in a Dragon's Den-style pitch competition, ultimately winning $15,000 courtesy of Libro Credit Union and the partnership with Wetech.  

Between the proof of concept, the growth through our partnership with Wetech, and the success in our pitch competition, we decided to reinvest earnings and to move from a web-based platform to a full-scale native app for Android and iOS.  

We're incredibly proud to present the Embrace Health Tracking app to everyone who has health tracking needs, all healthcare processionals, businesses and other organizations, and (most importantly) to all families.  We truly hope you love our product and we commit to continuing to improve for your benefit.  

Your suggestions are welcomed!

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