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What if you could have a customized tracker, built specifically for you and your unique healthcare needs?  

With Embrace that's a reality, and it's very affordable. 

How does it work?

If you have a chronic health condition, we will meet with you over the phone or on a videoconference to truly understand your tracking needs.

Then we get to work.

Once we've understood your needs, we build a private and secure tracker that only you can access.  You'll be one tap away at all times from your health tracker that is 100% unique to you and your healthcare needs.

Exactly what the doctor ordered!

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Gather info

With the help of your healthcare professional, develop a complete picture of the things you need to track.

Talk to us

Work one-on-one with an Embrace developer to communicate exactly what you need.


We build your tracker and take you through how to use it effectively.

Start tracking

Once you've signed up as a member, you'll have access to your own custom health tracker.

Doctor's Desk

Pricing for Custom


During the initial phone or video consult we'll discover your needs and talk about what to expect.

Upfront cost is $50.


Once you send us your list of "trackables," we'll build your personalized tracker and review it with you.

Upfront cost is $250.


Once you're ready to go, simply sign-up as a Premium member.  Access Premium trackers + your custom one(s).

Premium is $9.99/mo.

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