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The backbone of your organization.

What if you could give your employees and their families a way to be proactive about their health?


One tap on any device and Embrace members are on top of the more important thing in the world- their families' health.

Fast, convenient & secure.  Made for the whole family.

Our members track appointments, injuries, illnesses & more to improve the health outcomes of their families.

We also offer trackers for common conditions like chronic pain, stress & anxiety, epilepsy, and many more.

Healthy families mean healthy team members!


Great Idea!

Encouraging employees to be proactive about their health helps your organization thrive.


Happy employees, better health, less time off, improved insurance ratings.

Low cost, high impact.

For Everyone

We have a family health tracker for everyone.

Custom trackers for many health conditions.


Your employees will appreciate your investment in their health.

A great gift for your team!


What to Track?

Your family's health

This is our signature Family Health Tracker. It's built for everyone and it's free forever.  Easily track symptoms, illnesses, injuries, med changes, lab tests, optometry, dental, allergies, vaccines, surgeries, appointment notes & anything else.

Create your free account to get started.


You've made it this far!

Let us show you around, learn about your needs, and draw-up a great plan.

We're very affordable and offer scale and non-profit discounts.

Book your FREE video conference consultation below.

Prices per month per employee.

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