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Our features

We've worked hard to design the app with input from our customers. This section is to help you get a detailed view of what we're all about so that you can make an informed choice.

We're always learning and improving and welcome your feedback.

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Our Home screen & Menu

Designed to get you where you need to be.  Quickly.


Easily access quick-tap buttons so that you can enter or pull-up your records in a flash.  If it's not right on the Home screen, simply pull from the left to reveal the menu and access the extra features.

Home screen

All about your profiles

You can add up to 10 family members, including pets.


All of your setup information is here.  When you add a new profile, you can specify what trackers should load for each person, what symptoms (if any) you want to track for each person, and you can add a calendar colour for each profile.  From this section you can also earn points for completing challenges like tracking your symptoms regularly.  Swipe left or right to change to the next person's profile.


Family Health Tracker

Keeping your family's health organized.


You can track everything here.  Just choose the type of entry (maybe a medical visit, for example), then you can add a description, notes & results, add photos, note if you gave medication, note a temperature, set a reminder, add an appointment, and choose if you want to track any of the person's usual symptoms.  You can edit everything later so feel free to return to any record at any time to update it.  Easily search & filter your results as well.


Today's symptoms

Totally customized to you


Keep it simple.  We have a very easy-to-use system to track your regular symptoms; simply select which ones to track from your profile, then when you go to track them, only the ones you specified will show up.  Use a quick tap to track on the 0-3 system or add notes as well if you want to.  Your comments are all stored for future reference and we make a handy scrollable chart so you can see your history at a glance.  If you need details, you can easily see a report and even email it off to your healthcare processional.  You can create your own custom symptoms from your profile so everyone is accommodated.

Today's symptoms

Period tracker

Keep your notes in one place.  Get predictions and insights.


Just a few clicks and you can record your period, temperature, any notes you want to include on the calendar, and any of the symptoms you track for yourself.  Our app will give you info on your cycle lengths, insights related to symptoms you track around your period, info about fertility and ovulation, and it will predict your periods for the next several months.  Not to be used for family planning or contraceptive purposes.

Period tracker

Pain tracker

As simple or complex as you need it to be.


Our pain tracker lets you rotate your model (4 views) and literally "paint" exactly where your pain is, including different colours for severity.  You can view your model by day or you can choose time periods to form a "heat map" and see how your pain has changed over time.  Included here is also a place for you to comment and to track any symptoms you've identified as affecting you.  You can easily generate a report for your doctor that includes your notes and symptom tracking.

Pain tracker


Find it all in one spot.


When you create profiles for your family members, each person or pet gets a coloured ring around their profile (customizable).  Those colours also appear in the calendar; any time there is information for a calendar date, the person / people's colour underlines the date.  When you click the date, you see a summary of all the entries about that person and you can click the magnifying glass to see more or go back to that record.  This makes it really easy to go back and find "what happened when."



Making sense of your data.


Using the insights tab, you can see details about what symptoms occur most often, how they're correlated, and how they're changing.  You can also drill down on any particular symptom to see its entire history of comments and charts, and we even show you averages for the severity of your symptoms by week, month, or year.



We help you stay on top of what's important.


Keep track of as much or as little as you like.  We make it easy to see your records and we provide you with a handy chart with your high, low, and average rates during the timeframe you specify.  We also make sure to give you the history of all your readings in case you need them for reference.  A full report can be generated and emailed to your doctor.


Some extras

For your convenience. 


In addition to the great trackers and tools above, we've added more features to make life easier for you.  Notifications are available to remind you to track your symptoms (can be turned on or off).  You also get a notification center where you can see unread and older notifications.  Lastly, we provide a reports section where you can generate a report with most information in the app; this can be sent via text message, email, or even printed for your records.

Mother and Daughter Love

You will love us.

No matter what you track, Embrace gives you the most out of your data with customized insights, simple charts, thoughtful layouts, and beautiful design.  Everything was made with you in mind.

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