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Congratulations on prioritizing your family's health.  We hope you love our service!

Your employer or benefits company has partnered with Embrace to provide FREE health tracking to you & your immediate family.  

We empower our members to create and organize information about their health: everything from symptoms to long-term illness.


We're very easy to use, secure, and we work on all devices.

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Embrace is a Health and Symptom tracker that's made for everyone!

One tap on any device and you're on top of the more important thing in the world- your family's health.

Our members track appointments, injuries, illnesses & more to improve the health outcomes of their families.

We also offer trackers for common conditions like chronic pain, stress & anxiety, epilepsy, and many more.  All of this is included in our partnership.

"Partners in healthy families"


What to Track?

Your family's health

This is our signature Family Health Tracker. It's built for everyone and it's free forever.  Easily track symptoms, illnesses, injuries, med changes, lab tests, optometry, dental, allergies, vaccines, surgeries, appointment notes & anything else.

Great Idea!

Keeping track of your family's health means you're always organized and can have better conversations with your healthcare professional.


An organization is providing access to our service for free. 


Your information will always be available to you for as long as you're a member, whether that's through the organization or not.

Your data

Your data is private and we never share it with anyone.  Only you can see the information you create.

Read about security.

Working on the Go

What's next?

3 Easy steps

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You'll get instant basic access and will be upgraded to Premium once we've confirmed your Reg Code with the organization.

Add to home screen

Click here to learn how to add Embrace to your phone's home screen so that it works just like an app.  You can also bookmark us on your PC. 

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