Embrace for Organizations

You care about your people.  So do we. 

Investing in the Embrace Health Tracking app for your employees or members has benefits for your organization.  Contact us today to see how we can help you provide this modern, powerful tool to your valuable network.  

Healthy members.

People who use health apps are substantially more likely to routinely track their data.  Of those who do, there is a significant likelihood they will use the information to make decisions around treatment or change their approach concerning health management.

We make it fun.

Embedding gamification elements like challenges, rewards, and points into Embrace makes it more likely that members use the app regularly.  Scholars have pointed to gamification as a promising new approach to health behaviour change.

Excellent ROI.

We have excellent pricing to begin with and we're even better at scale.  Adding Embrace for your valued members will not cost much financially, but your ROI is substantial.  Harvard research has shown that every $1 spent on employee wellness reduces medical costs by $3.27 and absenteeism costs by $2.73.


Together, we create value.

Partnering with Embrace creates value for you and for your members.  Social value is created through improved community health and connectedness.  Your members will feel appreciated, which creates loyalty and reduces costly turnover.  Perhaps most importantly, you help solve a need by giving members tools to improve their families' health. 

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Record blood pressure, heart rate, O2 sat, weight, and many more vitals & stats.


Keep track of your period and any symptoms.  Get insights, see your trends, and even get notifications.

Family health

Everything about your family's health in one place.  Create new records with a tap and pull them up when you need them.


Pain tracking at the next level.  See detailed 3D views over time and correlate with other symptoms.


Your symptom not there?  Just add it. Custom symptoms integrate seamlessly with insights and charting.

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Customize your profile

  • Add up to 10 family members (including pets).

  • Choose what trackers to use, hide the others.

  • Update everyone's photo.

  • Assign a calendar colour to each person.

  • See your monthly challenge points & progress.

woman 13


Michelle uses Embrace daily to track her chronic pain symptoms.  The 3D pain map helps her and her physician make decisions about her treatment using data and confidence.

Young Couple

Lauren & Brent

Lauren & Brent are parents and love that they can easily track injuries, illnesses, appointments, and everything else about their family's health.  Embrace helps them feel organized and empowered.

Smiling Woman


Sarah tracks stress levels against her frequent headaches.  She also tracks symptoms for her aging father, who is starting to experience memory issues. She loves how easy the app is to use.


Your information is secure.

With Embrace the personal details you enter never leave your smartphone.  Everything is stored on your device, so no one can access your personal information except you. 

We do not store, share, or sell your personal health information.  In fact, we don't even have it.  Rest easy knowing you're protected.