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Congratulations on prioritizing your family's health.  We hope you love our service!

You've got a COUPON code and we're here to help you get set up. 

Read more below.

Working on the Go

What's next?

a few quick things...

Please follow the steps below in order.  To redeem your coupon code, it's important that we know you who are, so you'll need to be signed-up and logged-in as a Premium member first.

Once your signup is complete and you've entered your coupon code in the chat, you'll have full Premium access right away.


We'll send you a reply that we've validated your code and applied your 6 months of credit for Embrace Premium. (You'll receive this by email within a few business days).


  Once the promo period has ended, your Premium membership will renew automatically each month at the standard rate. You may cancel and terminate your membership at any time by contacting customer service using the chat button at the bottom right.

Thank you for your business! Click here to see our homepage.

Sign Up

The first thing you'll need to do is to sign-up for Embrace Premium- monthly

(not the free or yearly versions)


This will ask you for your credit card number and will give you an instant 30-day free trial.

Don't worry, we'll apply your COUPON code next.

Coupon time!

Once you sign-up, a "chat" bubble will pop-up and welcome you. 


Please enter your coupon code in the chat.

If you closed the chat, that's ok. Open it up again by clicking the icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Add to home screen

This is important!


Add Embrace to your phone or tablet's home screen so that it works just like an app.  You can also bookmark us on your PC. 

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We appreciate you helping us out!  Please tell your friends about us.

Let us know if you refer more than 10 people who sign up.  We might have a "Premium" gift for you.

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