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We're here for you.

One tap on any device and you're on top of the most important thing in the world- your family's health.

Fast, convenient & secure.

Embrace Health Tracking.

What is it?

It's Essential and it's FREE!

Embrace is a symptom and health tracker that's made for absolutely everyone.  Whether you just track your regular medical & dental appointments or you're managing chronic illness, we've got the tools to keep you & your family organized. 

When you sign up with Embrace, you can track 10 family members, including pets, and your access is FREE (Premium also available).

Our signature Family Health Tracker lets you track symptoms, illnesses, injuries, med changes, lab tests, optometry, dental, allergies, vaccines, surgeries, appointment notes & anything else.​  

We also have specialized trackers for stress/anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, challenging behaviour, chronic conditions, Crohn's & colitis, COVID-19, and more. ​​​

All our trackers are FREE to use


What to Track?

Your family's health

This is our signature Family Health Tracker. It's built for everyone and it's free forever.  Easily track symptoms, illnesses, injuries, med changes, lab tests, optometry, dental, allergies, vaccines, surgeries, appointment notes & anything else.

Create your free account to get started.

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Why use us?

Organization, Confidence & Health.

Your family's health is the most important thing in the world, but most of us don't keep track all that well.  With Embrace, you can record every symptom, injury, illness, allergy, vaccine, appointment note, and any questions for your doctor. 

You can even add pictures!


Always at your fingertips & compatible with all devices.

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All Videos

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Track symptoms

Track things as they happen just by tapping your Embrace icon!

Don't forget you can also add pics (Premium).

Get organized

No more scrap paper, binders, or scattered notes. 


Keep all you information together in one place and pull it up any time you need it.

Take care

Rest easy knowing that you have all the details you need neatly organized and ready.

Now you can focus on what's most important- feeling better!

Think custom

If your condition requires unique and personalized tracking, we'll work with you one-on-one to design exactly what you need.

More about
Must Have
IMG_2113 (1).PNG

It's a "must have."

Our main "Family Health Tracker" is essential for everyone. That's why it's FREE and loaded with features.

Nothing is more important than your family's health.

Features include tracking for:

Symptoms | Illnesses | Injuries | Med changes | Lab tests | Optometry | Dental | Allergies | Vaccines | Surgeries | Appointment notes & anything else. 


The simple layout gives you the freedom to use it how you'd like.

Plus- available add-ons add pics & more!

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